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on egypt's growing polarization over a controversial news by newly elected president mohammed more si. the unrest is spilling into violence. >>> plus, the the look back at the life and career of actor larry hagman from his "i dream of jeannie" days to "dallas." >>> and we enjoyed a fairly nice start to the weekend. 60s and 70s for high temperatures just a couple of hours ago. but we're also tracking some rather large changes showing up in the seven-day forecast that will include wind, rain, and some big surf. we'll let you know if it's going to impact the rest of your holiday weekend forecast when we come back. >>> egyptian opposition leaders are calling for peaceful protect in the face of mohammed horsi declare for sweeping more powers this week. we have the latest from cairo. >> reporter: at dawn, there were more tense than protesters on tahrir square, ground zero for last year's uprising. but that didn't stop clashes with police on approach roads where protesters blocked traffic, defying president mohammed m okay rsi's orders after he declared sweeping powers for himself, leaving h
police. a political power play creates a crisis in egypt. the latest details unfolding as we speak just ahead. [ boy 1 ] hey! that's the last crescent. oh, did you want it? yea we'll split it. [ female announcer ] made fresh, so light, buttery and flakey. that's half that's not half! guys, i have more! thanks mom [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents. let the making begin [ female announcer ] holiday cookies are a big job. everything has to be just right. perfection is in the details. ♪ get to holiday fun faster with pillsbury cookie dough. >>> welcome back on a cyber monday. the time is 6:12. thick fog making for dangerous commuting conditions. you can see that here on the golden gate bridge. let's take you now to the bay bridge, same deal here. you want to give yourself plenty of extra time to reach your destination safely and we want to report now sfo says one hour and 15 minute flight delays due to the fog. back to you. >>> happening now, a look at tahrir square where it is starting to look like revolution all over again. as political protests break out in egypt. our cameras ca
with egypt's foreign minister. she flew to the region yesterday to help egypt who served as the mediator to broker the truce. israel agreed to stop air strikes against hamas. the palestinian militant group which ruled the gaza strip. israel says it will ease restrictions at the border to allow palestinians and goods to move more freely. in return, hamas will stop launching rockets in israel. but up until the last minute today the attacks continued. a bus explosion in tel aviv injured two dozen people. in the west bank missile strikes destroyed several more buildi s buildings. eight days of bloodshed have cost the lives of 150 palestinians and five israelis. for now, the physical attacks may have stopped but the verbal attacks continue. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu said if the ceasefire does not hold he would consider more severe military action including a ground invasion. and a defiant hamas leader admits israel caused a lot of deadly destruction this past week but underlying structure of resistance remains intact. egypt is being praised for negotiating this ceasefire. new
from israel. secretary of state clinton is currently meeting with egypt's president in cairo, hoping to broker a deal. experts say this particular meeting could impact our relationship with egypt. >> either decides he's going to try to control hamas or he's not. if he doesn't, we can pull the plug on assistance. >> remember, a cease-fire was supposed to happen yesterday. instead, the death toll with more than 150 palestinians killed. dozens of them civilians. compared to 5 israelis. just coming across the wire right now, a u.n. aid agency says some 10,000 gazans have evacuated their homes and are staying in u.n.-run schools after the israeli military dropped off leaflet, warning them to evacuate there. a very scary reality. >> thank you very much. >>> closer to home, an oakland man found dead after an hours long search and rescue effort. this all happened at the old rock kwoquarry in oakland. the man's roommate called 911 after he'd been gone for more than an hour. they live in a condo with no backyard and a balcony that overlooks the water-filled quarry 100 feet below. the man had g
secretary clinton has arrived in cairo and is meeting with egypt's president. she released a statement about that bus blast in tel aviv. she calls it a terrorist attack and says the u.s., quote, strongly condemns it. the explosion rocked this bus as it was traveling by israel's military headquarters. it is still standing but the windows are completely blown out and at least 16 people were hurt. 2 seriously. no one has claimed responsibility outright but take a look at this, new video into our newsroom showing what palestinian officials are calling a bus blast celebration in gaza. you can see peep enjople enjoyi few treats. israel fired at least 30 rockets overnight and troops are still stationed, ready to target hamas if necessary. >> we're about to go to -- bombs and fire. nobody wants to go -- >> remember, a cease-fire was supposed to happen yesterday. instead on this eighth day of fighting the death toll continues to rise with more than 130 palestinians killed so far, hundreds more hurt. getting back to secretary clinton's meeting with egypt's president, that's happening now. according to
. then palestinian president abbasn west bank. egypt is known as the strong mediator between the israelis and palestinians. as you touched on and laura mentioned, a cease-fire truce is a long ways off as rockets continue to fly into southern israel and gaza city. just moments ago a new air strike aimed at jerusalem was reported. officials say this is only the second attack, rocket attack aimed at jerusalem since the fighting began wednesday. but police say the rocket apparently did not reach the city and authorities are now searching for the blast site. to make matters worse, a top hamas military commander is urging his fighters to keep up the attacks on israel. all while top diplomats, including clinton, are working toward peace of the one of the problems is the israelis want more than just a temporary cease-fire. >> if a cease-fire is going to take place, what is the dpa guarantee this is not going to break down in a couple of weeks. >> just in the u.s. state department saying she will emphasize the united states' interest in a peaceful outitem that protects and enhances israel's securi
between israel and hamas show no sign of ending. negotiations are under way with egypt as mediator. >> we're encouraged by the cooperation and the consultation we've had with the egyptian leadership. we want to see that, again, support a process that can deescalate the situation. >> reporter: but the two sides are far apart. hamas wants israel to stop killing its leaders. israel insists on a cease-fire first. that's the message secretary of state clinton will take when she meets with israel, egypt and the palestinians. >> we need a little bit of a period of quiet diplomacy to try to de-escalate this. >> reporter: president obama still traveling in asia was on the phone till 2:30 this morning trying to keep this from escalating to a ground war. >> if israelis push across the border, the narrative changes, the picture changes, in way that say will make it that much more difficult to get back to a negotiation. >> reporter: but israelis want more than just a temporary cease-fire. >> if the cease-fire is going to take place, what is the guarantee that this is not something that's going to brea
the gaza border ready to go in at a moment's notice. negotiations are under way with egypt as mediator and now secretary clinton there to share her expertise. >> we are encouraged by the cooperation and the consultation we've had with the egyptian leadership. we want to see that, again, support a process that can de-escalate the situation. >> reporter: also new overnight, an israeli man is in custody after attacking a security guard with a knife and an ax. this happened at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv. the guard is okay, though he was stabbed in the leg. at this point officials aren't sure if this attack was related to the ongoing violence there. getting back to hillary clinton, she is expected to meet with prime minister netanyahu and palestinian president moabbas. >>> a south bay pastor has stepped down after allegedly allowing a registered sex offender to volunteer at his school. the reverend has resigned. he reportedly defended 51-year-old mark gurries when parents got upset the registered sex offender was volunteering at a school event. he was convicted in 2010. he had a note givi
morsi to broker a deal. a test that could impact our relationship with egypt. >> he either decides he's going to try to control hamas or he's not. if he doesn't, well, then, we can pull the plug on assistant. >> reporter: at least 100 palestinians and 5 israelis killed as a result of this rocket fire. both sides ready for a truce. in washington, i'm danielle lee, nbc news. >>> new this morning, an oakland man found dead after an hour long search and rescue effort. this all happened at the old rock quarry in oakland behind the rock ridge shopping mall. the man's roommate called 911 after he had been gone for more than an hour. the quarry is about 100 feet down below. the roommate says the man went out looking for his cat but never cape bame back. divers from the sheriff's office searched until finding that man's body this morning. the fire department is not releasing the man's name. >>> 4:38 this morning. a marine shot and killed by palm springs police officers will be laid to rest. family and friends held a can candlelight vigil for the corporal after the viewing last night. they say
on the violent clashes in egypt which turned deadly today. >>> plus, a trip from the bay area to southern california takes an unexpected turn. the pilot forced to land his plane on a college campus. . also. >> do i think we can win ten games, i can't predict the games we went but i know we can win more than lose. >> that's one coach with a lot to proud of. celebrating a big victory tonight. >>> take a look at this video here. you will wonder how it is that two people walked away from in the crash scene with minor injury. the pilot and passenger were flying from nevada to john wayne airport in orange county when the plane lost pow er over the san fernando valley. the pilot landed on a cal state soccer field, tore through a fence, flipped over and came to a stop on the sidewalk. the van nuys airport just five miles away. >>> overseas in egypt the growing protest over the president's sweeping new powers turned deadly this weekend. two people, one of them a teenager, were killed and another 500 injured when demonstrators clashed with police today. much of the violence happened when protesters
for repair. much more ahead on the bay. protests in egypt and returning to normal. tens of thens of students head back to school in gaza following eight days of violence between israel and hamas. >>> welcome back to the program. a beautiful shot this morning. alcatraz is clear in san francisco as is much of the bay. if you are going to get out, it's a great day no matter what your plans. even small business saturday shopping. gray thursday, black friday and small business saturday. >> a help for the local businesses. a good cause. the weather will be nice no matter what your plans. patchy fog may slow you down this morning. inland valleys are chilly. upper 30s and low 40s and 50 in san francisco with a light offshore breeze. san francisco is actually mostly clear where we had the fog is around fairfield and santa rosa and sunol. we will see it around 9:00 or 10:00. the central valley fog breaks up to hazy sunshine and patches of low clouds near the coastline. a nice day at upper 60s to near 70 from san francisco to oakland. low to mid 70s to the south to santa cruz and 70s around the trivall
on right now. egypt a key player with these negotiations because they tend to negotiate with both hamas and israel. turkey has the ear of both sides and so they're involved in this as well. the president has been on the horn while he's traveling in southeast asia with turkey's prime minister, with egypt's president, with israel's prime minister. and so it is certainly possible, yes, because even though we're seeing the violence escalate, there is a lot of pressure from a number of different nations not to turn this into an all-out ground war. >> ever changing as we continue to take a live look at the pictures from gaza. thank you very much. >>> also new this morning, president obama making a landmark visit to myanmar during a trip to asia. the president now the very first sitting u.s. president to visit myanmar, also known as burma. this is a country struggling with democracy after 49 years of military rule. during a speech the president offering encouragement to the country as it transitions to democracy saying, quote, the united states of america is with you. >> this nation that's bee
cease-fire. israel and hamas agreeing to stop the rocket launches while egypt's prime minister visits gaza today. but that deal collapsed as both sides accused the other of violating it. israel targeted 150 rocket launching sites and ammunition warehouses in gaza, as militants there fired dozens of rockets into israel. in fact in tel aviv, air raid sirens are going off citywide as they continue to do this afternoon. so far the back and forth attacks have left 20 people dead and more than 200 people hurt. it's a very fluid situation. we'll stay on top of this to bring you the latest. >> we'll keep checking back with you as well. thank you very much, marla. >>> it is 5:03. police in the north bay hope you can help track down a man accused of attacking two college students. officers released a sketch of a man they describe as hispanic between 18 and 25 years old, between 5'4" and 5'7" with a thin build. he had high cheekbones, prominent ears and dark spots on both cheeks. the man was possibly stabbed. police say he is armed and dangerous. if you've seen him or know anything about the att
some damp conditions. i'll show you those coming up. >>> 6:09. coming up, the crisis in egypt. the speedy decision that could bring massive political protests to a quick finish. >>> just a few minutes ago the british government released a scathing report into the phone hacking case. we'll take a look at who was affected coming up. >>> and a wild night for san francisco police officers who somehow escaped injuries after a wanted federal parolee slammed right into their patrol car. we'll tell you what happened next and how they caught him. >>> and from the red carpet to a jail cell. more bad news for lindsay lohan, behind bars overnight. we'll tell you what she's in for this time. we'll have that and more just ahead. >>> new this morning, a tense standoff as the san francisco s.w.a.t. team moves into a neighborhood putting it on lockdown overnight. this morning federal charged now facing a suspect who stood his ground for hours against police. the investigation just wrapping up now on holly park circle in san francisco's bernal heights neighborhood. christie smith is live outsid
and not exercise overuse of force here. egypt is involved. they are trying to negotiate some sort of truce between the two and they have laid out some parameters, although we have no word yet that those have been accepted. president obama, who has been traveling in southeast asia, has been trying to stay on top of this by phone. he's been talking with egypt's president, turkey's prime minister, israel's prime minister. he said over the weekend that we've got to back israel's right to defend itself, that the only way this is going to stop is for those rockets believed to be launched from hamas, at least from hamas strong holds, to stop coming into israel from gaza. that's where things stand right now. still quite a volatile situation this morning. >> tracie potts, thank you very much from washington, d.c. >>> also new this morning, president obama is on his first post-election trip abroad today visiting southeast asia. the president and secretary of state hillary clinton snaupd me an -- stopped in myanmar early this morning. they met with an activist where she spent several hours under house arrest
gathering in cairo to protest egypt's new president. overnight protesters fought with riot police in tahrir square angry with mohamed morsi's decree granting himself more power. it includes a statement that his decisions cannot be overruled by the court. protesters say morsi is leading them into another dictatorship. president morsi has said the powers are temporary. >>> 5:09 right now. meteorologist christina loren has been very busy this morning bracing us all for a lot of rain and fog that's going to be there. a busy week ahead. >> this could be one of the more significant weeks when we tally everything up at the end of the year because it's looking that potent. let me tell you a little about what's to come. we've got maybe 4 inches of rain, wind gusts in excess of 50 miles per hour but not just yet. what you need to know for today is thick follow developing, not as thick as yesterday, not as widespread. nonetheless give yourself extra time and travel cautiously because you will find very thick patches from time to time, especially along the peninsula and up in the north bay. as we head
surprising cards are placed on the table. >>> and the power struggle in egypt,
on the phone with the prime ministers of israel and turkey, with the president of egypt, trying to work out a solution. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. >>> 4:37. new this morning, president obama is on his first post-election trip abroad visiting southeast asia. the president and hillary clinton stopped in myanmar, also known as berma, early this morning. they met with an activist at her home where she spent several years under house arrest. during the visit, they discussed myanmar's efforts to establish a democratic government. >> the friendship between our two countries is of long standing. the united states has been in support of the democracy movement in berma and we are confident this support continues through the difficult years that lie ahead. >> after visiting myanmar, president obama flew to cambodia. the trip makes him the first sitting u.s. president to visit the two countries. >> it will be very interesting watching that one unfold. >> that's right. >> 4:38. christina loren is back with us to tell us what it looks like outside. >> we look pretty good, good morning to you. te
, and once again here's matt. >> savannah, thanks. turning overseas, violence is still raging in egypt over the president's power graham grab there. nbc eayman mohyeldin is in cairo with the latest on this. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. a few days ago president morrisey of egypt was receiving praise from around the world including u.s. president barack obama for brokering that cease-fire and today he's coming under criticism that puts him in conflict with the top judges that. political fight is spilling over into the streets, claiming lives and plunging the country's economy into turmoil, and more importantly it is threatening the country's post-revolutionary progress. for a fourth straight night protest efforts attacked the offices of president mohamed morsi's freedom and justice party. the political wing of the muslim brotherhood. demonstrators are angry at president morsmorsi's latest decision, one that's reverting the country to a dictatorship. >> we want a contry of institutions, not symbolized in one person who makes all decisions and nobody can say no. >> repo
a constant barrage of rocket fire. israel will not tolerate this situation. >> tomorrow egypt's prime minister expected to make an unprecedented visit to gaza to try and bring calm. china, france, russia and australia all spoke out today urging both sides to show restraint. >>> a congressional hearing on the deadly terrorist attack in benghazi began today. republicans fired up over how the obama administration handled the tragedy by first reporting it was sparked by anti-american protests. former cia director david petraeus will testify behind closed doors. he went to benghazi to a investigate and both parties are hopeful he can clear up who knew what and when. meanwhile, petraeus made a first public remark since resigning last friday. he told a tv reporter he did not share any classified documents with paula broadwell. but officials found classified information on her home computer. classified, but not highly classifi classified. the fbi is investigating how she got them and if there's any wrongdoing. >>> guilty and ordered to pay more than two years after the worst oil spill in u.s.
president and then fly to egypt to meet with mohammed morsi. >> the goal must reach legitimate aspirations of israelis and palestinians alike. >> right now, no sign that a deal is even close. besides a cease fire, hamas wants some of the restrictions eased at the gaza border. israel is demanding a long-term agreement and says that if a diplomatic solution is not reached, they're ready for a ground war. people in the bay area are closely watching these developments unfold. let's check in with jody hernandez. >> reporter: janelle, a lot of folks here in the bay area are feeling a sense of helplessness as they watch the violence unfold in the middle east. many have friends or family members either in israel or in the gaza strip. today we got a very real sense of what families who are living in that region are going through tonight. we caught up with a resident of gaza via skype this afternoon. a woman who's been praying for a cease fire but judging by the shelling outside her house, it hadn't taken hold yet. >> i was feeling relief when i was hearing about the cease fire. oh, my god. just a s
this brokered truce by egypt. this was the worst cross-border fighting in eight years. israeli leaders say they achieved their goals and inflicted heavy damage on the militants. hamas said the decision not to send in ground troops was a testament to their power. an arab man was detained for protestanting the bomb that injured 15 people. officials say the investigation is still under way and more arrests are expected. the bombing has raised concerns that palestinian militants are slipping in from the nearby west bank. the israeli army says it will continue to maintain order to prevent the infiltration of terrorists into the community, especially after yesterday's truce. >>> still ahead, tragedy turned into a valuable lesson. friends of a young bay area woman who died in a traffic crash speak out to help your family avoid that same tragedy. >> hi. i'm lieutenant michelle martinez. i'd like to give a shutout to my husband paul and kids in pensacola, florida as well as my parents, my two sisters and also my nieces sidnin oklahoma. happy thanksgiving and go redskins. >>> the thanksgiving holida
, nbc news, capitol hill. >> a tense standoff in egypt between mohammed morsi and the nation's judiciary branch. they want to lessen tension in cairo. they canceled a massive rally that was planned for tomorrow. at today's meeting was a bid to resolve a four-day crisis that has plunged the country into turmoil. clashes have left one protester dead and hundreds of people wounded. >>> amateur video shows rebels. they were able to seize dozens of boxes of ammunition from defeated soldiers. a sign that the rebels are slowly seizing forces out of the area. it's believed this is the second military base to fall to the rebels. >>> thousands of angry textile workers protested today, demanding u justice for victims of a massive fire. investigators say narrow exits in the nine story building trapped the workers inside. they also say one exit was locked and the fire extinguishers didn't work. it's now the worst ever disaster in bangladesh history. and talk about your status update. the florida socialite who toppled general petraeus is losing her status. officials say kelly misused the title for per
and rain returns on wednesday. >>> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks. >>> now to egypt, where protests have erupted over president mohamed morsi's decree expanding his power. jim is in cairo. good morning. >> reporter: almost two years after their revolution, egyptians seem more divided than ever. after many hear their elected leader has driven the wedge deeper and wider. at dawn, there were more tents and protesters around tahrir square, but that didn't stop clashes with police, where protesters blocked traffic defying president mohamed morsi's orders. after morsi declared sweeping powers for himself, leaving him above the law. >> translator: we are here because the goals of the revolution have yet to be achieved. >> reporter: morsi told his supporters he had to take radical measures to protect the revolution. and fast track a new constitution being written by a mostly islamist assembly, after which he said he'd give up those powers. yes, he might be a dictator for the time being, but these powers will be transferred to an elected parliament, he said. but the decrees h
are demonstrating in tahrir square in egypt this morning. they are calling for a new president to step down after he tried to seize sweeping powers in the country. well, it appears calm for now. protesters clashed with riot police over the weekend. a number of people have at least two -- we understand at least two people have been killed, hundreds injured. we'll of course continue to follow this story and update when more information comes in. >>> 5:21 now. still ahead, big bird is not allowed. see why it's about to become hunting season at one bay area airport. [ male announcer ] this december, remember -- ♪ you can stay in and like something... ♪ [ car alarm deactivates ] ♪ ...or you can get out there with your family and actually like something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >>> welcome back, everyone. good monday morning to you. that is what it looks like behind the scenes. down below me, that's our director calling all the shots out there. a lot goes on behind the scenes. we thank them
and hamas agreeing to stop the rocket launches while egypt's prime minister visits gaza today for about a three-hour trip but that deal collapsed as both sides accused the other of violating it. in fact we're getting word an israeli missile hit the hamas interior ministry in gaza and now that building is in complete ruins. so as evening approaches over there, we are going to keep our eye on this very fluid situation to see what happens once the sun sets. jon. >> such a long history of conflict there, marla. thank you very much. >>> well, this morning we are hearing from the family of a san jose marine shot and killed by palm springs. >> it's too much, too much pain, too much pain in our hearts. >> i couldn't believe it, man. he was just with me last tuesday and now he's gone. >> last night dozens of family members, military and friends, gathering for a vigil to remember corporal allan devillena. the 22-year-old died after police shot him in a parking garage on saturday. police there say they started shooting after the marine hit an officer with his car. three officers right now are on l
in the streets last night. the truce, brokered by egypt, raises hope of a new era in relations between israel and hamas. the two are now expected to negotiate a deal that would open the borders of a blauockade. the fighting killed 161 palestinians, including 71 civilians in just eight days. five israelis were also killed. >>> closer to home, a little bit of history here. a san diego inmate, the very first to be released under california's revised three strikes law, a move voters approved earlier this month. kenneth corely was serving 25 years to life on a record of nonviolent crimes but he was released under the new rule under prop 36. it changes the law to require the third strike be a violent or serious felony. the changes can be applied for inmates already sentenced. >>> interstate 580 opens again this morning after a shooting investigation shut down the westbound lanes for hours. police say they heard reports of two cars shooting at each other at the seminary exit near mills college. the freeway shut down for almost three hours during that investigation. a second crime scene was also disc
so much. >>> egypt islamists approved a draft constitution this morning that could further enrage anti-government protesters. it was passed without participation of liberal and christian members. human rights experts fear it could give muslim clerics influence over legislation and restrict freedom of speech and women's rights. >>> a spokesman says former president george h.w. bush should be able to leave the hospital by the weekend. he has been hospitalized for complications from bronchitis. >>> last day of trading for november. what's moving the markets? good morning, kayla. >> the stocks are following the fiscal cliff and the market dove yesterday on comments from house speaker john boehner. data released yesterday showed economic growth in the u.s. is still weak. consumers and businesses alike are putting a hold on spending. natalie? >> thank you. >>> and a grade school in south lina has shed new light on how to take a class photo. they didn't just stick the short kids in front, call kids in the back. each child wore a specific color, formed an amazing image of a light house. a
to egypt to meet leaders there. united nations chief ban ki-moon has also traveled to the region pleading for an immediate cease-fire. the house explosion that killed two neighbors and leveled dozens of homes in indianapolis this month is now being investigated as a criminal homicide case. officials are appealing to the public for information about a white van seen in the area. the people who live in the house that blew up were not at home at the time. the suspects have been named -- no suspects have been named in the case. 97 house republicans have sent a letter to president obama declaring that u.n. ambassador susan rice should be disqualified as a candidate for secretary of state because they say she misled the nation about the attack on the american consulate in libya. rice said just after the september attack that it grew out of a spontaneous protest rather than an act of terrorism, but she was speaking based on the intelligence briefing she had been provided at the time. >>> a hearing is scheduled for today in los angeles over the future of "modern family" star ariel winter. last mo
. >> secretary of state clinton has arrived in cairo egypt and met with president mohammed morse i. the chances of them reaching a deal about the issues surrounding gaz are are extremely unlikely. they're looking to avert a ground war. >> thank you very much. here's savannah. >> matt, thanks. meantime, black friday is two days away now. the most important day of the year foror the nation's retaile. trouble may be brewing for one of the biggest ones of all. walmart. mark potter is live in doral, florida this morning. mark, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. about a thousand protests are scheduled around the country and walmart is trying to stop them. most of them will be happening on the busiest shopping day of the year. >> we are the workers! the mighty walmart workers! >> a few of the protests have begun. >> this one tuesday out outside a walmart near los angeles. store workers and stoare complaining about hours and retaliati retaliation. >> the wages are low. sometimes we have to rely on family help. >> they're very good with the prices. but the prices are coming out our pockets. >> som
they want the president to be, but they see america as something to potentially save them from egypt. >> reporter: and what about china at the brink of an important party election of its own? >> the election will affect how the world will be going in ten years. >> reporter: analysts say the reason so many europeans could be so reluctant to see the administration change in the u.s. is because they worry about what's forging the new relationship to them and politically speaking to them, change doesn't necessarily have a positive connotation. in some of their own experiences lately, it has only worsened problems, like with youth unemployment. savannah? >> michelle kosinski in london this morning. thank you so much. >>> just ahead, how well does voice." we'll put her to the test after your local news. living with moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis means living with pain. it could also mean living with joint damage. help relieve the pain and stop the damage with humira, adalimumab. for many adults with moderate to severe ra, humira is clinically proven to help relieve pain and stop j
programs and said benghazi was a copycat attack after protests in egypt. >> what happened in benghazi was in fact initially a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired hours before in cairo. >> reporter: tuesday rice acknowledged there was no protest in benghazi, but she blamed the cia, as she did last week. >> i relied solely and squarely on the information provided to me by the intelligence community. i made clear that the information was preliminary. >> reporter: acting cia director mike morel accompanied rice tuesday, in effect her wing man, but it didn't help. >> i'm more troubled today knowing, having met with the acting director of the cia and ambassador rice. >> reporter: both senator kelly ayotte and senator lindsey graham threatened to block rice's nomination. rice did persuade one senator. >> she said what she believed was true, and she was under no political influence from the white house. >> reporter: but joe lieberman is quitting the senate and won't have a vote rice and president obama are closer than he and the iconic hillary clinton. the president has made it c
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